What we do

Transform your data into insight. Make better decisions. Turn it into action.

SolveBI helps organisation manage their data lifecycle, from idea to insight to action. We enable a successful data strategy through to establishing your architecture, platforms and implementation.

Big data visualisations

Our Services


  • Data strategy
  • Data curation audit
  • Data roadmaps and planning

Data Management

  • Data warehouses and frameworks
  • Big data integration
  • Data migration
  • Data profiling and quality management
  • Data API's
  • Data management

Insight & Analytics

  • BI platform establishment
  • Data visualisations
  • Descriptive analytics
  • Prescriptive analytics
  • Machine learning

We support many industries including business services, construction, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, retail, SaaS, sporting & leisure, travel...
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The path to creating a data-driven organisation

1. Strategy & Data Curation

First, we must understand what we are looking to achieve and the data that is needed to reach our goals. We then put it within the context of the business so the organisation can interact with it, understand it, and use it. By starting with a strategy and building a plan focused on curation, it enables the organisation to move beyond simply asking questions of their data, toward asking questions of their business.

2. Visualise & Put into Context

Data visualisations for business are changing the way we can view and interact with data. By building easy to use business intelligence dashboards for all aspects of your people and business, we can quickly understand what the data means in the real world and put it into context by asking the right questions and developing actions.

Data visualisations on PC and Mac

3. Evolve from Access to Engagement

Evolving from access to engagement means we are changing the way decisions are made throughout the organisation. Data visualisations democratise your data to empower individuals and functions within organisations to understand and take ownership of what they need and be as effective as they can be.

4. Story Tell

Data storytelling focuses on creating a bridge between our data and its real-world applications by building a narrative. This process humanises the data-efforts so we can understand it and move it into action. It allows leaders to rally organisational efforts behind the findings and articulate why they matter and what needs to be done, as much as what they are.

We Integrate Power BI & SaaS Apps

Facebook Ads & Power BI Integration Google Ads & Power BI Integration Google Analytics & Power BI Integration Hubspot & Power BI Integration Linkedin & Power BI Integration Mailchimp & Power BI Integration Quickbooks & Power BI Integration Salesforce & Power BI Integration Stripe & Power BI Integration Youtube & Power BI Integration Xero & Power BI Integration
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