About SolveBI

We exist to improve decision making and create data driven organisations

About SolveBI

SolveBI is a data consulting and business intelligence company. We use best in class strategies and technology to enable businesses to build data driven insight. Business owners, executives, departments lead's and analysts use our service to create data-driven organisations.

We enable this insight through data strategy consultation, data management and implementing data visualisation platforms. We then use the insight to empower teams to ask the right questions and develop actions for success.

We exist to enable businesses to drive a data-driven culture and turn decision-making into a strategic advantage by uncovering insights and turning them into opportunity.

We are an official implementation partner for Qlik and Power BI

Official Partner of Qlik Official Partner of Power BI

Our Leadership

Russell Smith, Co-Funder of SolveBI

Russell Smith

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With a passion for global strategy, innovation and ideas that move the world forward, Russell has spent his career in a variety of leadership roles that have seen him undertake business in more than 30 countries.

During this time, he has worked with world-class technology brands such as Microsoft, IBM, Orange, Cisco, Telstra and NTT.

The catalyst for SolveBI was born out of the desire to help businesses achieve their vision through insight driven behaviour. Russell's role with SolveBI sees him work with business leaders to understand the role insights plays in reaching their vision and building a plan to achieve it.

Russell holds an MBA from the University of Western Australia and has completed Executive education in Digital & Social Strategy from Harvard Business School.

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Adam Chochol, Co-Funder of SolveBI

Adam Chochol

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Adam is a career digital, technical and operational expert with over two decades of local and international experience.

Adam's role at SolveBI sees him oversee the technical team and all technical capabilities including scoping, proof of concepts, development, roll out and management of all platforms. Adams passion lies with pushing technical capabilities to the limit and identifying innovative ways to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients.

Adams expertise spans data visualisation and business intelligence platform development, technical development, technical integrations and analysis.

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SolveBI - Business Intelligence Implementation Strategy

Focused on building data-driven cultures

Imagine having a business that runs on deep data driven insight, all at your fingertips. Conversations and decisions will evolve from directional assumptions and speculation, to a well-defined process – while increasing the likelihood of a more accurate outcome.

Business intelligence will transform your organisation to effectively navigate the constantly evolving market environment, bring new opportunities and build sustainable competitive advantage. SolveBI is focused on enabling businesses to develop a data-driven culture and turn decision-making into a strategic advantage.

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